Depth, Soul Seer Chronicles, Book 5

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We thought we hatched the perfect plan. Instead of perfection, Caine was trapped with the enemy and months later I’m no closer to knowing if he or anyone else survived.

One life-altering mission is, apparently, not enough.

Tearing down the Sovereignty is also on the docket. This is Vincent’s priority, but when  Donovan’s dark-souled mother proposes a truce to save her son and reveals Vincent’s dirty little secrets, everyone questions Vincent’s.

Distracting me from continued failure to reopen the Creation is my all-consuming connection with Donovan. One dampened by a nagging conscious as not even he knows my most dangerous plans.

Of all the victims in this growing war, a little boy has lost everything. And since I can’t save everyone, I have to save what I can of his innocence.