About S.J. Cairns

S.J. Cairns is a Southern Canadian lover of the supernatural and unknown forces and prefers the creepy side to mundane life. With a perverse sense of humour and an obsessive flare for profanity, S.J. combined her love of reading and the darker facets of her imagination to write the paranormal romance series, Soul Seer Chronicles.

Fascinated by human behaviour and the determined will of broken souls, S.J. is a natural social media junkie who feeds off rum, the flicker of beeswax candles, and creative inspiration from every likely source including music, art, photography, and the changing seasons.

As a romantic at heart, S.J. shares her outlandish ideas with her video game playing, bug-killing husband of 20 years, their two and half-year-old sassy mommy-replica, and two perpetually snoring pups. All of which do their duty to inject cuddles and laughter when in desperate need.

During days off from true chaos working as an Advocate at local homeless shelters and an anti-human trafficking safe house, you can find S.J. writing at her lapdesk on her couch with nostalgic visions of her writerly lair dipped in all things creepy.