Determined, Soul Seer Chronicles, Book 7

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I hate him. Every ounce of me wants to rip apart our connection like an old love letter and burn the pieces. Why can’t everyone see Donovan for what he is? A liar, forcing me to do what he wants.

Missions with the Tactical Team retain my sanity while I ignore others’ distracted libidos and insistence on fixing our broken Soul Magic. No matter if it means it continues to poison us, I can’t forgive. Give me a target and let me loose.

If only.

In typical Loring fashion, he makes a scene, one the world cannot ignore. We can’t let him enlighten the Blind of his Tainted ways or Magics of all kinds will be seen as evil and hunted into extinction.

All I want is to kill Loring, pluck Vincent far away from his father, and live my life free of anyone else’s influence.

What’s so wrong with that?