Tips to Foster your Passion

This ‘late in the day’ post couldn’t have been more perfect the purposes of the post itself, which is about the struggle to balance your passions with daily life. Why am I posting late? Because I just finished a 60 hour work week and slept through my alarm because I was exhausted. And although today was my day off, I was back at work chairing a committee I feel passionate about, so I’m just getting my butt in my computer chair. Also, I made a promise to myself to post on Mondays, so this is my way of keeping with

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Burning Sensation – Candle Edition

Alright. So last weeks confession was an addiction to journals. But lets be real, only one addiction is boring, so this week my confession involves a baby pyro within that no snuffer can extinguish. (See what I did there. I know…hilarious.) Candles. I just love them. Yes, they’re ALL on my desk right now along with all the journals. It’s a freakin’ mess I tell ya. I know, girly as Hell, but over the last year candles have become another obsession. The colours, the scents, the ambiance, the tension in my shoulders melts away as soon as I light them.

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