Dapper Press Short Story Release

On October 25th my short story “Sheltered” was featured in the Dapper Press Haunted Lounge (Woot woot! *handstand and jazz hands*)¬†as part of their campaign to introduce the dapper-est of self-publishing alternatives. Stop by their website any time and take a look at other spooky stories and services they provide.  

Halloween Sex Injection (NSFW)

  Around this time of year everyone is in the planning stages of Halloween. Fake, sticky spiders web with fake, creepy spiders…check. Spray-painted gravestones painted with your in-laws names on the front lawn…check. Near pro jack-o-lanterns carved from a design found on Pinterest…check. Party favours you eat as you bake, bite-sized candy bars for breakfast bought and re-bought since October 1st, and doing the toe-touch test to see if your vajayjay peeks out to trick or treat. Wait. WHAT?!? I haven’t participated in Halloween in the traditional sense in near 15 years, so when a friend decided to throw a

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