Tips to Foster your Passion

This ‘late in the day’ post couldn’t have been more perfect the purposes of the post itself, which is about the struggle to balance your passions with daily life. Why am I posting late? Because I just finished a 60 hour work week and slept through my alarm because I was exhausted. And although today was my day off, I was back at work chairing a committee I feel passionate about, so I’m just getting my butt in my computer chair. Also, I made a promise to myself to post on Mondays, so this is my way of keeping with

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Journal For Life

Quiet down peoples, I have a confession to make.¬† I have far too many journals. That’s right, you heard me. Taking a count of my collection, I’ll never need to buy another, but I can’t help myself. Friends even enable my habit by gifting them. (Not that they’re aware of my compulsion or I’d never get another. Shhhhh!) Can you blame me? Look at them all! Some wrapped in leather, others with nifty designs, some small enough to tuck in my purse, all with blank pages screaming out to be inked, open to take in my crazy thoughts without judgement.

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Me: “What does that say? Do they…” (I look at the Hubster) “Read this email and tell me what you think.” (I impatiently chew the inside of my cheek until I taste blood) Hubster: *Nods* “Yup, you did it. Holy shit. High fives, babe.” Cue the internal freak out as I force a high five and then read, and re-read, and re-re-read the email telling me my manuscript was accepted.¬†ACCEPTED! By an impressive company like Booktrope Publishing no less. A company that strives for a “Team publishing” platform to put out the best work and assist authors the whole way

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