Division, Book 3, Excerpt

At the end of Deception, Soul Seer Chronicles, Book 2 I left Sophie and the Coveners reeling from personal tragedy. In Division, Book 3, they’re scrambling for safety and at odds on how to accomplish it.


We scrounged up handfuls of protection spells scribbled onto lined pieces of loose paper, including herbal fusions, charmed amulets, and lists of ancient talismans, if only we could get our hands on them. None of it mattered. Not one was specific to our circumstances and I wasn’t up for hiding dragon’s blood or devil’s dung in my bra forever. Especially since devil’s dung’s smell was described as ‘revolting’ and ‘akin to sulphur’.

“You’re doing whatever it takes, that’s what you’re doing,” Donovan said when I told him as much. “Don’t chick out on me now. I don’t care if it’s stinky, sticky, or slimy. If it works, it’s worth it to smell like you’re dead than to actually be dead.”

“Then why aren’t you doing it?” I challenged. “You could be the one dying and taking me down with you. I should be worried you’re gonna wreck your car or piss off a redneck in some ditch-pig watering hole. We’re assuming I’m the instigator here, when you’re more of a liability than I am.”

Donovan blinked. “Ditch-pig watering hole?”

“My theory is solid, and you know it. At every turn, I’m in as much danger because of you, as you are because of me, so whatever stinky herb or protection spell you’re gonna Guinea pig me with, double it, ‘cuz you’re doing it too.”

“Guinea pig you with?”

“Stop that!” I was beyond irritated. Clearly, since I made the watering hole comment, Donovan was too.

“Fine. You’re right. So, what’s your solution?”

“Isn’t that the whole point of us doing all this?” Kim said with her own flare of annoyance.

“You’re looking for protection from death.” He looked to Kim with a sharp glare and then back at me with the same attitude. “Since you don’t trust me to ensure your safety, then I’m going to have to seriously crimp my watering hole lifestyle.”

“’Bout time,” Kim said and earned a smile from me.


A hint of excitement danced across the connection and leaked into his eyes when he said, “Camp out?”

Caine tossed the book in his hand down. “You’re such an insect.”

I wasn’t even sure I heard right.

Kim attempted to stifle her laugh and lost. “Who calls someone an insect?” I shot her a ‘please don’t add to this’ glare, but Donovan joined in and Kim couldn’t contain herself.

“I knew you were an opportunist,” Caine said with a laugh that held no humour, “but this is weak.”

“She needs a safety net, which means I need to be safe. And since she,” Donovan pointed to me then drew out his next words, “thinks I live some wild and crazy lifestyle, apparently, I need to be leashed before I kill her.”

“I didn’t mean it like that and you know it.”

“Well, it goes both ways,” Donovan said. “You work around a bunch of drunk assholes hyped up on college pride and eight-balls. Not to mention my psychopath of a sister. So, there’s no way you’re going to work. And the only way you can confirm I’m being safe without strapping a baby monitor to my ass, and vice versa, is to be around each other. What better place then here, where we’re protected?”

Read DISCOVERY & DECEPTION if you need to catch up on what they’re trying to protect themselves from.

Author: @sjcairns

S.J. Cairns creates paranormal romance fantasy from her hometown in Southern Ontario, Canada. When S.J is not plugging away at her laptop on her comfy couch, you can find her chasing around her four-year-old daughter alongside her husband of over twenty years or working in true chaos at local homeless shelters and anti-human trafficking safe house.

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